Saronic Tours provides high-quality transport services. It perfectly combines luxury, comfort and safety, covering the transportation of VIPs, providing all the necessary conditions and know-how so that the customer is always fully satisfied and enjoys every minute of his transfer. Our commitment to provide you with a pleasant, safe transportation with respect and prompt service.

The vehicles of our company are MERCEDES-BENZ’s latest technology, with professional drivers with many years of experience in VIP transportation. Vehicles have 4 to 15 seats and comply with all safety regulations from the European Union and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


We are happy to be with you at the best day of your life. That is why we offer the best prices for this special day in order to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

We offer:

  • Transportation to the flower shop for the decoration of your choice.
  • Transportation for the family, the bride and the groom in the region of Attica.
  • Transportation to the photography studio.
  • Transportation to the wedding party.
  • You can ask for an extra transportation to your house or hotel and to the airport in the morning


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